About us

The main business activities of LFB Group (LFB SA), are driven by quality production and processing of ultra-fresh & convenience food (juices, fruit salads and other ready-to-eat and ready-to-use products).

Technological innovations in food processing as well as packaging methods are among some of the company’s strengths.

The true value of quality ingredients is a cornerstone of LFB’s business and one objective is to maintain the best eco balance when purchasing basic ingredients (raw materials). This is why LFB’s natural choice is to work with Swiss and European producers and suppliers when the season allows to do so. A close collaboration with an exclusive network of supplier partners contributes to the quality of the company’s finished products. This cooperation as well as LFB’s global business are driven by ethical values which could be defined in a few words;

Respect for people, products and the environment!

Thanks to its partners and its logistic department, a large number of ultra-fresh and convenience products are distributed in Switzerland to a variety of customers in the retail and take away business, catering industry but also in hotels, hospitals and schools. The production flow and management of the company’s various sites in Mont-s-Lausanne are efficiently operated by LFB’s team of 50 employees.

LFB is a member of SWISS LABEL and its preparation processes are 100 % Swiss. The SWISS LABEL trademark underscores the origin and quality awareness of buyers and consumers who purchase goods and services of Swiss origin.